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Jeannette L Herrera, a.k.a. Blue Face Killer, is an acrylic/oil painter pursuing her passions, moving from her home of 40 years on the east coast and now settling in California. Already having been welcomed with shows in LA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, she hopes to reach an even wider audience for her unique view of the world.
Jeannette Herrera's paintings are glimpses of a dream world populated by fantastical creatures that reflect her Peruvian heritage, personal trauma and street culture.Themes of death, survival, heroism, defiance, love and religion flow through her work resulting in images that are direct yet enigmatic. tragic yet humorous. Her life and experiences are expressed vividly in each piece.
You can write with comments or questions about purchase by clicking Contact. You can also visit her blog and facebook by clicking on the links tab.

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